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  1. We focus on key functions and tools that help your business minimize risk and maximize growth.

    Through our training and consulting services in market research and strategy training and consulting services, we help you understand where and how you can make money and grow your business. Through competitive intelligence training and consulting, we help you understand where and how your competitors are making money and growing their businesses.

  2. We offer flexible training services and tools.

    You meet deadlines, satisfy client expectations, and hit performance targets - and that's just what you do at the office. Moreover, the demands, expectations, and pace of business only grow. in gives you tools and helps you to know more about your market and your competitive space quickly, efficiently, and when you want. Our modular approach to learning topics allows you to target areas that you need to build upon, without spending time on sections you already know. Our delivery formats allow you to shape your training according to your schedule, scope of learning, and budget.

  3. We value our client relationships and strive to understand your needs.

    Learning should be continuous and should suit your specific needs. Our include follow-up consulting and learning opportunities with in professionals. Our custom training and consulting are just that - custom. We understand that your business questions and issues are unique, and that most books and other packaged training products and services are not designed to support you. Our consultants and trainers are business professionals and instructors who are active in education, business and industry, and research. We understand current issues, practices, and tools for business, and believe that your training should be designed for you.

in is built upon the philosophy of delivering products and services that are designed to suit our clients. We're invested in your success and we meet you where you're at. From to Webinars to seminars to custom consulting and training, we offer a range of training and process advisory & design solutions to suit your interests, schedule, learning preferences, and budget.

in offers on-site seminars tailored to our clients' specific needs. We also conduct Web-based seminars (Webinars) for professionals who want convenient training at a minimal cost. Occasionally, we hold seminars through professional associations. These seminars are open to both members and non-members. Please visit for a list of upcoming seminars and speaking engagements.

  1. They're online.

    You can access it when you need it, where you need it. With our , you can download the information you want any time of the day or night, without shipping delays.

  2. They're searchable.

    Unlike print publications, our can be searched by using the Find feature in your Acrobat Reader. You can save time by locating the content you want — simply type the keyword or phrase you're looking for. There is no need to visually scan the document, the table of contents, or the index.

  3. They're easy to store…and portable.

    We know for many business professionals, paper clutter can be a challenge in our fast-paced, information-based environments. Our help you minimize paper clutter through digital storage. Portabilitiy is another benefit to . You can bring it with you on your business travels or from office to office.

  4. You get current content - fast.

    Because are electronically published, we can give you information about current business practices, resources, and ideas faster - without the delays of traditional text publishing.

  5. If you need a hardcopy, it's also printable.

are the best of both worlds: you can enjoy the benefits of digital content and know that you can print it out whenever you like.

  1. They're concise and on point.

    With our , you get what you need to know to get started quickly, without extraneous material that can slow you down. Many business publications are very good at telling you about a topic, but often aren't very good at showing you how to conduct and implement for results. are designed to tackle your real-world issues and questions practically and effectively.

  2. They're electronic.

    The ' electronic format enables you to download, search, and browse content quickly. And they give many other benefits.

  3. They include in consulting.

    With your purchase, you not only get a product, but you gain expertise. We believe that our products and services should deliver the most and that custom learning is key to the application of our content. With other business books, your learning ends with its last page. At in, we understand that your business learning doesn't stop there and that you have individual issues and questions. We've designed our products and services to help you learn what you need to know.

With each you purchase*, you receive a half-hour of consulting by email on your topic, which you can use anytime within 30 days of your purchase. When you purchase your , you will see a special email address on the second page of your , which you can use to access your consulting service. We suggest that you review your prior to using your consulting service in order to make the best use of your time.

* Consulting for up to two identical titles per purchaser.

In order to fulfill our aim to deliver our products to you On line. On point. On time.SM, our and Webinars are available electronically. We do develop on-demand, print-formatted material as a part of our custom consulting and training services, should our clients prefer.

We offer products and services about the topics important to business professionals like you. The topics and information in our training and consulting are selected to support your business development, growth, and success. We do value feedback from our clients regarding the topics that you consider essential to the success of your business.

Competitive intelligence (CI) has existed since the dawn of commerce and wherever there is business competition. As practiced by leading companies worldwide, it is more than simply keeping an eye on your competitor. Over the past couple of decades, CI has become a formal discipline, with powerful tools, methods, and processes that offer businesses more effective ways to understand their competitive environments and to minimize their risk.

Today's increased pace of business, globalization, and other factors mean that CI is more important than ever before. Competitive intelligence can help you:

  • Understand and anticipate potential risks or opportunities for you and your rivals.
  • Gain insights about your competitor's operations, strategies, and tactics.
  • Support your company's strategic and tactical decision-making.

in competitive intelligence products and services are designed help you better understand CI and effectively apply it to gain or maintain your competitive edge.

Market Research is a deceptively simple concept, usually defined as research conducted to understand the needs of the market. Traditionally, market research focuses on the customer; it tries to identify:

  • Demographic & psychographic characteristics
  • Behavior drivers
  • Price sensitivity
  • Opinions about products & services

Now market research must incorporate information about new technologies, competitive pressures, industry changes, and globalization to truly understand what is driving a market. Unless you understand how & why your customers purchase products/services AND how & why your competitors make their products/services, your own strategic plans may not be able to effectively guide your company to success.

in market research products and services are designed to help you evolve your market research projects from market research to market strategy.

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