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in brings you an extensive network of intelligence professionals who are ready to help you meet your intelligence needs. Led by Principal Cynthia Cheng Correia, our staff, partners, and associates offer deep experience in each function and facet of competitive and market intelligence, as well as across industry sectors.

Today’s ever-changing business climate demands new and effective ways of building professional and organizational capabilities, creating more robust corporate strategies, and staying competitive – integrating, distributing, & harnessing knowledge throughout your organization. in is committed to providing quality consulting and training services that maximize your competitive and market intelligence systems, resources, capabilities, and opportunities. To support our commitment, we provide products and services that are:

understands that businesses need the right solution that recognizes the variety issues and requirements that can impact the success of your intelligence effort. We offer a comprehensive range of customized intelligence products and services that incorporate an understanding of the business functions and processes that both impact and are impacted by your intelligence efforts. From research & intelligence training to research & intelligence process design to content & knowledge management for intelligence functions, helps you harness resources and apply solutions. And whether you need deep-level consulting to occasional advisory services, we have a solution to your intelligence need.

You need to grow with your business and you need the right products and services for each stage of your growth. We’ve designed our products and services to support you and your team through the various stages of development for you and your business….how you need it and when you need it.

  • Learn with us no matter what your budget. You can find a product or service to suit your needs.
  • Not located where we are? No problem. Wherever you are, you can find a product or service online.
  • Learn what you need, the way you want. Our services aren’t designed for Dummies, our guides aren’t written for Idiots. We take a no-nonsense, sensible approach toward presenting our products and services because we understand our clients for the committed and busy business professional you are.

Your time and resources are important and you need to make the most of what you have. Our products and services will enable you to quickly apply what you’ve learned.

range of products and services are designed to work together to give us the flexibility to satisfy your requirements. Our consulting services may be designed to complement your intelligence training and according to your various requirements. Our on-demand training products and services are built upon a modular approach to present the information you need most. Choose a topic that best suits your needs or select a range of complementary topics to create a learning series. Our customized training products and services are just that – everything you need…just for you.
From helping you build your intelligence knowledge, skills, and capabilities, to helping you enhance your intelligence process and systems, trust in for expertise, commitment, and assurance.

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